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Lame RPG Man

So, once upon a time, I was in first grade

My father took me with him shopping, for a new computer

We went to a little hole in the wall shop in White Bear Lake, and he purchased an IBM PC 8088 and a dot matrix printer for $700 dollars.

The computer had no hard drive. Only two 5 1/4 inch floppy bays. You had to have a dos boot disk in the drive to even make it do *anything*.

My brother was with, and he bought a game, a game called Wizardry.


Toad Warts

Just a reminder, Valentines Day is fast approaching...

Have you secured your gift made of Toad Leather yet?

Thanks to Chris for the link. =)

Dogs and Brain waves

For anyone following my dog Star's epic list of health problems, time to add a new entry.

Since late Friday, her right eye has been partially covered by her inner eyelid. This looks far worse than it sounds.

Just until recently, when she looked at you head on, and begged, it was hard to believe she was pushing 15.

Now, however, it's hard to believe she isn't a zombie dog of some sort.

In fact, if she hadn't been to the vet only a few days ago, I'd be willing to wager that she died several weeks ago, and is currently just an undead revenant, haunting us and begging for pizza.

Sorry for the downer, to take your mind off of it, and possible to achieve odd mental states, go here:
Mess with your Brain Waves

Handsome Boy Modeling School

Well, the poll results to date are incredibly favorable.

I have even begun considering throwing away my deadend computer career and instead turning to confront what must truly be my destined vocation, male model.

But alas, once one takes the Bitocratic Oath it cannot easily be pushed aside. The first day a Sun E250 sends me a desperate plea for help during a photo shoot I would have to decide. Between a life of slaving over overpriced calculators in 65 degree datacenters and reckless fornication with prim, single named models?

My one wish, is that, someday, in the future, such a technology will be developed that won't require my heirs from choosing between a meaningful career, and getting to see female models naked.

Oh, yeah, happy new year.