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I've been thinking, and I can't see what you see in us.

I mean, a website like me, with a user like you? Can it really last?

I think maybe we might want to seek some counseling. Preferrably in the form of an internet poll...

Save our relationship, vote now!

Photoshopped Bear Weiner

I received this image in my inbox the other day. Presumably it's an advertising for some sort of pill.

Now, I'm not a marketing expert, although I did take a 3000 level marketing class at college. There was a loophole in the graduation requirements that allowed me to substitute it for a graduate level computer science class, so I did.

However, this article isn't about the liberties I took during my education, or what promises I may have made to certain vacationing professors to get them to sign pieces of paper.

It is about a particularily inept and maybe offensive piece of mail.



75 minutes

Being profound is hard.

The more you say, the more likely you'll say something dumb or obvious.

Often it's better to simply link to something messed up, and not explain it all that much.

Found from

I give you the first recorded evidence, of Necrophiliac Homosexual Ducks.