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Many of you know that very recently, Star became pretty sick. In fact, in the opinion of several people, it seemed that she had gone *beyond* sick, and had actually become the walking dead, simply biding her time until she could eat our brains.

Well, before I announce the inevitable, let us first look back, on the life of Star.

The Sad Scientist

The sky is falling... slower than it should be! (more)

Magical Christmas Moments

Just a quick blurb, I'm back from visiting my family.

Now, it's not often I'm accused of being sappy. But, there was a time this christmas that truly touched my heart.

The sort of special moment, that you will remember always.

For me, that moment was shared with my 2 year old niece, while we were opening presents on christmas day. She's an adorable moppet by any measure, renouned for her tolerance and good behavior in all circumstances.

A cousin of mine managed to catch the moment for eternity, and I doubt that even a cybernetically enhanced, fully transcended Norman Rockwell could have done a better job communicating the pure and simple bond that an uncle and niece share, take a look. (more)