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No Shoes, No Security

So, anyone who has been to the airport recently may have noticed that, a few months back, they began gently demanding you take your shoes off at security or be searched by hand. I love empty choices.

Well, now that I've seen this in action during the summer, I have a couple reservations about it. The foremost being, that at least a third of the female travellers I saw this last weekend weren't wearing socks. I guess the "show your toes" look is in or something. Not to mention, most of their shoes have very thick soles, the kind that irk the federal rent-a-cops oh so much.

So naturally, these sock-less individual comply, put their shoes into a grey bucket and then proceed, barefoot, through the magnetometer.

So... Now we've purposely created a condition where we force a high volume of people to walk, in the exact same place as one another, one sixth of them barefoot. Clearly nothing wrong with this. In fact, I have trouble putting into words the warm feeling of security which filled me knowing that this policy was in place.

Although, I think I would feel a bit better if we all had to, say, take a sip out of a communial can of soda to prove we weren't hiding things in our esophagus, or perhaps blow our nose in the "hankey of liberty" which can then be tested for explosives by an idiot. And, while we're at it, why not submit to a full mucus membrane "tasting" by a TSA employee who is fully trained and licensed in the tongue inspection of the mouth cavity.

The problem with all these suggestions is clear, no efficiency. I think they should take a lesson from grade school. What's the fastest way to grade 30 papers? That's right, pass them back. So, when people line up to board the plane, just pair them off at random and have them become blood brothers! I mean, you can't kill your blood brother, right?

I mean just think, if we took all these measures, there'd be *nothing* the bad people could do to hurt us. Other than the whole "hiring a guy with ringworm and really sweaty feet to fly around the country"... But what are the odds of that?

Learn about Foreign Policy and Math at the same time!

I had a thought the other day. And since my thoughts are so important, I posted it on the internet a few days later.

The thought was "I wonder what do they do with all the limbs from all our soldiers?".

I mean, you hear, all too often about the count of soldiers who are dead. But that's boring, because I know where dead guys go.

Detached limbs, on the other hand, are a new and interesting thing to which I have not yet become desensitized to. (more)

A dog with two dog-shaped bones

So Elyssa and I had a "pseudo-fight" the other day, as usual, about something largely ridiculous.

You'd think with house hunting, impending moves and her job search we'd have plenty of "legitimate" things to disagree on, but somehow all that stuff peacefully works itself out.

So what intractable issue caused the argument you ask?

First off, how nice of you to ask. The issue at large here is over the number of dogs we should have in our household.

She likes having one. I want more than one, ideally, one million, but graciously offered "two". (more)

Musical Honeymoon

So I am in love with a new band. Their name is Tullycraft.

Seriously, I haven't felt this way about a band since I first heard "Birdhouse in Your Soul" in Elyssa's Parent's basement in MN back in '92.

I get all tingly and a stupid grin crosses my face when I listen to them. They're like a little bit of every other band I'm in "like" with:

  • Whiny self-depricating frontman
  • Girl with a whispy voice singing parts
  • infectiously simple guitar rifts
  • clever lyrics which paint silly or akward social situations ("like swastika girls who fall back on their looks")
  • all in a key which allows me to belt along with em...

Normally, I'd recommend them to someone, but I'm not sure any of my friends would actually enjoy them. It seems I'm unique in my enjoyment of such blatant "cutesy pop".

But again, maybe I'm wrong about their appeal. On the off chance that this band will bring you as much enjoyment as it has me I feel it's my duty to at least post a sample song:

So here it is, track 2 off their latest:Our Days In Kansas - (fixed the link)

Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog

The Blog is different!

And you're spending time reading about it!

(Some links in older stories might be broken, all the polls are gone and all 3 of the comments are gone. Luckily, I'm pretty sure nobody cares.)

Domicile Determination

So I haven't posted anything in awhile. This is because nothing interesting has happened to me.

I'm tempted to say "Sorry", or something. But I refuse to apologize just because I happen to be experiencing an abnormal patch of mundaneness. And so I won't.

This weekend something entertaining may have happened. Elyssa and I are looking for a house in MN.

We've taken a bunch of pictures, and blatantly stolen an idea from our friend Chuck and have decided to post pictures of our house hunt using the exact same method he did.

So, if you care, and/or are looking for a picture of a one-eyed dog and a masonic temple, you can get your fill here: