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An Avoidable and Deceptively Benign Distraction which Masks an Intractable Mess

This Story and more specifically this story were the grains of irritant that led to this post.

Also, the second story mentioned how much bloggers were mentioning the controversy, so I seem honor bound to pile on.

For people to lazy to RTFAs, the basic summation is discussing whether the phrases "eenie, meenie, minie, moe" and "tar baby" can ever be used in polite conversation after some very uncouth men used them in horrible contexts dozens of years back. How long does it take a stench to wear off, otherwise suitable words?

"Tar Baby" holds a special place in my heart, since growing up in MN, I had *no* idea it had anything but a positive context of one of my most favorite childhood tales. So when I got big and grown up, and involved in complex problems, it's not suprising that I used it.

The first time my boss pulled me aside and asked me about it, I assured him he must be mistaken. That he simply wasn't familiar with the counter-culture story I was referencing, and must be confusing it with some other type of similar sounding, yet altogether different phrase.

The second time, I heard someone reference that their grandfather in the south often used it as a derogatory term. Well, I'm too much of a guilty liberal to fight that... But yet here I am. Not only defending a possible racial epitaph, but also doing so on timing so that it actually defends a criticism of Tony Snow...

I think the reason I can't let go of it, is that there simply exists no other word, story or even english phrase capable of expressing the idea. I liken it to the phrase "The lady doth protest too much", there is just no other way to say it, no other way to pull off that joke other than that phrase, no alternate way to invoke it.

I suppose there could be a push to rewrite the tale in a more modern context and call it "gluebaby" or something, but that has all the allure of yelling "Gosh" after hurting your thumb. Not to mention it may offend the vegans among us...

Oh well, I suppose I should probably start pointing out how I'm totally not racist, and that the historical context seems to strongly favor it being nothing more than necessary plot, since some might construed that as proof of my masking guilt for past racial indiscresions.

Which would really suck, since I hear the punishment for such infractions is being forcibly moved to Canada, and man, would that ever be terrible.

I mean, it's so cold there, and the health care, it's socialized! No one wants their tax dollars going towards that, especially now that the US dollar is so weak. Also, they're so far north, it'd be a wonder if they even know of the tales of Uncle Remus, let alone their tainted past... So please, I beg you, don't forcibly move me there by hiring moving trucks and selling my over priced American house for one in Canada. Anything but that.

The Madness of King George's Constituents

More Pics - Video

It's finally happened. The above snapshot of the events of the G8 to me, seem so unplausable, that it seems only reasonable that it seems far more likely that I've gone crazy and am no longer interpreting external stimuli correctly, than that the democratically elected man of the world's most powerful nation possesses the tact and social acumen of an eigth grader.

So, I'm glad that's settled. I'm mad as a hatter, and so must be blogging to myself.

Good day to you figments of my own mind, and remind me to brush my teeth tonight.

(My thanks to Meg for the talking points memo link)


So, you all should be proud of me. Not for what I've done, for what I have not done. I have had at least 3 preachy half baked political posts I wanted to make, but I didn't. Being a "blogger" you miss the vital sign of someone's eyes rolling back into their heads which provides that tidy real world clue that you're boring the other person in a sleepy submission.

So, in lieu of political science observations from a man who has never taken a political science course in his life, I shall provide you with movie criticism, from a man who has never taken any sort of media class (but, who made several stunning home movies in his youth).

I saw a trailer for a movie.

At first I thought it was Disney rehashing two of it's older movies, and I was against it. Now that I look more closely, it looks to be Warner Brothers behind it, and now I'm in favor of it. I dislike Disney and the way the mess with copyright laws, so any method which degrades their IP through unholy mixes of rehashed kids movies I am all for.

So studio execs, what follows are three kid friendly frankensteins all ready to be green lit! (more)