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Sane plan sane plan sane plan

Just a quickie post, about two things:

  • I have located a security policy for the democrats, not that it seems like they realize they should be looking for one. It is Bacevich's 5 Steps.
  • While looking for an image for this post, I stumbled upon this man's website. And while I don't share his views on drinking rainwater, I did really enjoy this cartoon.

    Although, I think the reason I do enjoy it, is it shows that you can draw art, even if you can't necessarily *ahem* draw.

    In either case, it doesn't look like his site gets much traffic, so I thought I'd toss him some half-dozen hits, just to say "thanks". =)

Death Math Two

It's time for another exciting edition of "Death Math" with Kyle! Now, if you missed my first entry on the matter, feel free to look at it here, so that you can follow along.

Today I will be leaping to the defense of the bush administration's claims that there is not currently a civil war going on Iraq.

Quoth the article
"current violence (1600 deaths in one month, ed.) is not a civil war...".

And they couldn't be more right.