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Daddy Babied

I'm a father!

I'll be gushing about it here.

Nerd Tattoo

So I always feel as if there is some sort of horde of nerds, nipping at my heels waiting for me to let up on my constant worship of all things technology so that they might overtake me. So this is the sort of mindset I was in when I made the decision.

So I was kind of nervous going in. I mean picking out a permanent image to be carved indelibly forever isn't something to be taken lightly. But I had done a bunch of research and was pretty sure that the result was going to look okay.

The process itself took excruciatingly long. And while it didn't hurt, the worry that permanent damage might be done was always in the forefront of my mind...

In any case, you can view the results here.

Data Cravings

So it seems we cannot call relatives or not be at home when a relative calls without them assuming that "birthin' time" has begun.

To solve this, I have setup the following page: If you wanna be told the instant that Elyssa and I are hospital bound, plug in yer email there.

And if you at some point seek to drink from a deep well of unnecessary baby photos, I recommend digging there in one months time.

This Side Up

Just when you think there is no good news coming out of Iraq, this story comes around to brighten your day.

It's a funny story actually, where a female Halliburton employee stationed in the green zone in Iraq got gang raped by some co-workers, then locked in a shipping container under guard when she wanted medical attention, required the intervention of a US Senator to get her free, and then discovered she couldn't press criminal charges because apparently it is impossible for a US Citizen to commit a crime in Iraq.

Okay, so that's not that funny yet, here is where the terribleness heaps to the point where it crushes the shell of your soul, thus becoming hysterical: her employment contract doesn't allow her to sue her company in civil court either.

Which is just as well really, since the results of her rape kit were lost. Presumably either due to clerical error stemming from the high volume of rape kits they need to process, or through maliciousness, I think it's a wash as to which is worse.

Although the real tragedy here is that there are plenty of companies who would have been willing to rape this girl for *half* of what Halliburton charged, if only they had been allowed access to bid on it in an open and fair manner.

On the bright side, if this 22 year old gal ever feels like picking up a psychology degree, her dissertation on the practical applications of the Stanford Prison experiments in foreign military environments practically writes itself.

Happy Your Dog Was Telling the Truth Day!

I very much enjoy the site: Girls Are Pretty. It is entirely safe for work, and is a deep ocean of rich and bittersweet tiny stories.

I envy the writer very much, and wish I had the ghost of his talent.

So please, do not consider the following creation an attempt at "copying", but rather my homage to a recognized superior.



After reading this I honestly question my own sanity.

To paraphrase it for you "Iran is dangerous because they might do the thing they're definitely not doing."

Reading the article does me damage. I expect these sorts of recursive fallacies in fevered dreams, not on the front page of CNN.

In any case, I guess they've won, because rather than be delighted by it, I find it a tiresome chore to comment on the absurdity of it.

I really hope there is some sane nuance I'm missing. Please, please let it make sense... if only a little bit.