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Everybody Else's Space

Save for my friends who have blogs, today was the first time where I actually visited a myspace for more than 2 seconds:

And was glad I did.

In the end, something just needs to be interesting to be entertaining. Which I think is something that I'm having a harder time remembering by the day.

How he likes those words

Do you like preachy high-concept short stories which are poorly written?

Then boy do I have the right 5000 characters for you!


Bloomberg has released a study that says post-war suicides may exceed the combat deaths in Iraq.

Much has been yelled about Iraq, mostly about civilian deaths, insufficient planning, it's staggering financial burden, distorted motives, and several metric tons of "I told ya so"s. All gripes about the most tangible things in the war.

What I think makes this war particularly unforgivable are the grievances made against the human spirit.

Sure civilian deaths are bad, but when they exceed the capacity of the local morgues, that's not only means civilians are dying on a higher scale, but that their bodies aren't even being treated with respect.

We are encouraged to "support the troops", but returning troops, if alive are greeted with inadequate health care, with aggressive wheedling to keep them from disability pay, and the dead ones return to little recognition.

We keep hearing and seeing documentation about how both the Iraqis and our own soldiers are being caught doing incredibly evil things.

Whether you believe the soul to be something greater, or a healthy feedback loop made of neurons, it's hard to dispute that this war is destroying them with a frightening eagerness and efficiency.