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While we're on the subject

So, I was puzzled as to why the current administration moved to block release of detainnee abuse photos citing that it would only serve to "further inflame anti-American opinion".

Which is odd, since it is pretty much saying "these photos are worse than Abu Ghraib", which begs the question "What the heck is worse than Abu Ghraib?"

Well, Andrew Sullivan has a terrifying guess, rape. Which, he points out, would *NOT* be considered a illegal technique given the last administration's rejiggering of the term torture, since it presumably doesn't damage a major organ or impair bodily functions.

And with recent revelations that we've done it before, I think we can only assume that there is a large section in Gitmo setup with gloryholes made out of Qurans.

Although I'm keeping my fingers "crossed" that the photos depict full on cruxefiction (which btw would seem to evade their torture definition as well).

I have two reasons for this hope. The first, is that I find cruxefiction slightly less nauseating than rape as an interrogation tool.

The second, is I would be interested to see how Fox News would downplay the brutality and excessiveness of that "stress position" without slaying all their viewers via toxic levels of cognitive dissonance.


Alright, this is the last time I'll use this blog to notify about a new comic, I'll leave that to twitter.

Which will hopefully do a better job reminding me that this blog is for writing, not drawring.

In any case, a new comic is up and Incandescent Cat gets political!, sort of.


I have created a new comic, which is notable only in that it is the first one I've made that I feel the urge to apologize for, if only for its gratuitiously sexual nature.

If you require context, this or this may quench you.


A new comic exists.

Comically Bad

The Internet has called out to me, and demanded that I create a webcomic.

To which I immediately responded with a very persuasive powerpoint citing my lack of artistic abilities, as well a mathematical formula which could calculate precisely how much time would be forever wasted for each meaningless comic created.

But the Internet insisted that my comic would occupy a vital spot in the internet. A tiny identical cornerstone block of the electric jenga puzzle of the land, yet vital, whose foretold presence alone would keep the entire entity from toppling over into a shed full of lolkittens. (From what I gather it has something to do with an upcoming IPv6 issue.)

I am still very much playing around with the art style. So far the first three comics are hand drawn in pen, hand coded in SVG and then purely photoshopped.

I'm actually pretty happy with them, if only because each has been a surprising amount of work and taught me an equally unexpected amount.

Cliche's Clutches

For a long time now, I've been chasing a sort of uncatchable dragon. Ever since I have been very little, I have wanted to be the archetype "computer hacker". To the point where I'd often think things like "I should really brush up on my C, so that I could contribute to the Linux kernel.". Not because I particularly enjoy writing C, or kernel hacking, but because it is something, in my mind, a "proper computer hacker" does.

Well, there is good and bad news. The good news is that simply by looking around me, I think I can safely announce that I have satisfied the conditions of my long desire. The bad news, is that I seem to have fallen into it's trappings as well.

Long ago I started filtering out the "Nerds walk like this!" type-of internet humorous generalizations. So this morning when I came upon this piece I nearly stopped reading, but decided to stop reading only when I found something that wasn't devastatingly accurate.

I finished the whole thing.

The realization is an uncomfortable one. Both that I've charged headlong and deeply embraced so many negative traits, and that I now have no idea of what to head "toward".

It all reminds me of my favorite Kurt Vonnegut quote: "Be careful what you pretend to be for you are what you pretend to be."

On the bright side of things, that quote is taken from his book "Mother Night", so I guess I can at least be glad that I didn't spend 20 years pretending to be a Nazi.