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Kyle in the Big City

Nearly 4 years ago, Kyle arrived in the big city of Chicago, jobless.

He had spent the last 2 months frantically job searching from Minnesota, but, had as yet, received no call backs.

Desperation sunk in, and you could smell it on the emails he sent out. One of them actually listing his main selling point as:

"I'm new to the job market, and am therefore ill-versed in local labor laws".

One of them finally got a response. One where I offered that I be hired at a lower than normal salary, so that I may give them a chance to observe my computer prowess, without undue financial risk.

On September 10th 1999, Kyle rode the Elevated Train into Chicago for the first time. He was wearing a white button down shirt, and the only tie he owned.

On the way down, he was mocked, openly, by two teenage girls. He agreed with them, as he was sure it was apparent to all who saw him, that he had no possible reason for being in downtown Chicago, and, for all he knew, he had stumbled upon to the two girls "turf". (more)

Poser v Poser

It all started, when a boy at my L stop asked me where I got my "You are being lied to" shirt.

When I told him I got it from the site "", that seemed to be all the credentials he needed. Clearly, I was a hardcore punk rocker.

This is, of course, completely wrong. From my "101010" hat, to my khaki pants, to my polished black Clarks, I may as well be wearing a "Caution, Poser" sandwich board.

As the boy left this apraisal of me unspoken, I didn't feel a need to correct him. Afterall, what harm could come from a 12-13 year old boy believing that *I* was hardcore? (more)